For $95, I will set up a beautiful, simple website for you that you will be able to update yourself. The site will be responsive, SEO-friendly, mobile-friendly and functional.

Most of my work as a designer and website-maker consists of a thorough and thoughtful approach to branding, many mockups and revisions, and bespoke layouts.

You might not need that.

This cheaper offering might be enough for you. The money saved comes in picking a layout which is pretty much set, from a few options which I outline below, and from using my referral link to buy your domain/hosting. Once you pick the layout, I will implement a font/color pairing based on your choice, your work, images, and whatever else you send me. Alternately, you can tell me exactly what colors/fonts you’d prefer. You’ll then get a guide for how to update your site and make some changes. (This product doesn’t come with further support or tutorials, but you will have 24/7 support from your domain/hosting company, though, which is where most issues, like temporary server outages, arise. Domain and hosting is the only additional cost, and can be as low as $4/month.)


TwentySeventeenI use WordPress because of its flexibility, open-source culture and reliability.
It’s very easy to take WordPress, which is technically blogging software, and trick it into looking like a simple website. It’s endlessly more flexible than Squarespace or Wix.

Here’s a good article on WordPress. Although you must pay for hosting and a domain name, you own the website outright once it’s built and installed—it operates independently on your website. With Squarespace or Wix, you’re renting. Also, there are a zillion WordPress coder/designers out there, and a handful of great ones. If you set up a WordPress site now, and wish to soup it up later with a more bespoke design, the coder/designer only needs to build a new design (a theme) around the WordPress site you’ve already set up.

As you move forward with your website, any question that might arise can be answered with a quick Google search, since so many people use it.


LovecraftIn addition to my $95 fee, you will also need to buy the domain name and hosting (as low as $4/per month) from Bluehost or A Small Orange using one of those two specially-formatted referral links—I get a reward for sending them your way, and that will serve as part of my compensation for my time. When you buy hosting, select the cheapest option, and the only extra I would recommend is Privacy, so your address doesn’t appear online.

If you don’t go that route or if you already have hosting, I will set up the website for $155–$195, depending on what other company/companies you’re using. For more details, email me: scout AT hiyascout DOT com.

When you set the password, please use the suggested one, or generate a secure one: If your site gets hacked because your password is ViolinKing1234, fixing it is expensive. Once you have an account, send me the login details.


The layout will be based on some free, popular themes. Some have splashy, full-screen photo and video, and some are very boring. Any of the more boring themes can include pages with all kinds of exciting media content (YouTube videos, galleries, etc). Things that look especially bloggy (dates, author names, etc.) can be removed easily. Click the gallery above to see the name of the layout you’d like. (Lovecraft, Davis, Writer, TwentyFourteen, TwentyFifteen, TwentySixteen or TwentySeventeen). You can also google any of those theme titles for more examples of their use in the wild.


You look at fonts on Google Fonts, and let me know which one you like. Think about readability and subtlety. I will set up the site with one, but you will have control to change it.


You’ll have access to create as many pages as you like. You can put whatever you want into the pages. You’ll get a guide to update your site and make changes based on the theme you pick.


Want images on your site? Rename the files, because the filename will serve as the caption. For example, “DCM1003.JPG” could be renamed to “Me in Our Town – Photo by Daniel Davila.JPG.” If you have more than 2 or 3 images that you’d like in a gallery section, put all the images in a separate email to me, or compress them into a .ZIP file. For multiple galleries, please figure out how to save them as different .ZIPs. Note: If you send low resolution photos, they will appear that way on your website.


You can link to a downloadable PDF of a resume or CV or pricesheet.
Embedded PDFs don’t work so well. You can have a table-based resume, but that means you have to update it in two places. In my experience, people don’t. Personally, I upkeep it in Google Docs, and I link directly to a PDF download of my Google Doc resume. This part is all about what you trust yourself to maintain.


These should be hosted on another site. It’s just better because that technology is changing every month. Youtube and Vimeo links can be embedded by simply pasting in the url. Soundcloud can be embedded with a simple shortcode.

If you’re ready to start, and want a simple, beautiful self-hosted WordPress-based website, contact me at scout AT hiyascout DOT com.


If you instead want a full-service website built from scratch now, see my design portfolio and get in touch. scout AT hiyascout DOT com.