My first article for The Citizen-Penguin, the online student newspaper I started at Juilliard, was posted yesterday. It’s about a recent WSJ. Magazine piece featuring “the people at Juilliard who make it what it is,” a tricky claim since there are no students of Asian descent in the piece even though they make up 32% of the student body. In my spare time before and after tech for Henry V and Cymbeline, I’ve spoken to several administrators and classmates about press opportunities, race at Juilliard, and Asian erasure. Here’s an excerpt and a link to read more.

It is possible to sit in Juilliard’s Student Multipurpose Room and not see any students. To the southwest, a wall of glass looks out onto the Illumination Lawn, the Pool through the windows of Lincoln Ristorante, and the tops of the trees in the Grove. To the northwest, windows overlook a rarely used walkway and the wide chasm between the SMR and the Student Lounge. Far from the barefoot dancers, rowdy opera singers and discordant practice rooms, this room is where ‘contained’ events at Juilliard take place; opening night receptions, closed faculty meetings, Juilliard ‘Spotlight’ video shoots, and visiting therapy dogs all find safe haven here.

One Monday in December, the day after the first snow flurries of the season, The Wall Street Journal set up shop in the SMR. Two representatives from WSJ. Magazine (tagline: “The Luxury of Choice”), accompanied by an assistant from the Juilliard Development & Public Affairs office, individually met with students during an “open call” for a forthcoming feature on “the people at Juilliard who make it what it is.”

Some students and observers have cried foul on just that: who makes Juilliard what it is, and who decides?… Read the article.

Read the article.